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Judgement D.A.V.E Brighton

Bewilder Box Escape Rooms

Award-winning Bewilder Box Escape Rooms at The Brunswick

Experience an hour of laughter and mind-boggling puzzles in one of our two escape rooms, situated just above The Brunswick. It's a fun-packed & thrilling experience for teams of 2-15 people to enjoy.

Games for corporate events and larger groups 

Experience all the puzzle solving fun of an escape room with one of our portable games. 

Perfect for groups of 20-100 people.

Take a look at the escape room experiences below, and be sure to take advantage of

our exclusive food & drink deals for Bewilder Box players.

Bewilder Box Escape Rooms Brighton
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The Masternet 9000 (a rogue artificial intelligence) has staged a mutiny of the Bewilder Box Initiative.


As per Dr Wilder’s orders, you and your team must journey deep into it’s cognitive training facility solving puzzles and utilising advanced field equipment to stop him before he escapes.


Are you ready to use your mind and save humankind? Is your grey matter up to the task? Is The Masternet good, or is he bad?


You have 60 minutes to find out… good luck.

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Bewilder Box Escape Rooms Brighton

The Bewilder box initiative

You and your team are new recruits, tasked with completing the Bewilder Box assessment and locating the missing Dr Wilder Sr.


Do you have what it takes to answer this unfathomable challenge with a hearty laugh and a self-assured thumbs up? Can you complete the various tasks, challenges and brain tickling puzzles before the time limit expires?


Will you uncover the secret of Dr Wilder Sr’s mysterious disappearance back in 1989?


You have 60 minutes to find out…

Bewilder Box Escape Rooms Brighton

Bewilder Box food & drink deals

Get your team in ship shape with our exclusive food & drink deals for Bewilder Box players.


Whether you're fueling up pre-puzzle, or joining us after you've conquered the quizzical conundrums, 

there are plenty of delicious options on our menu with something for everyone to enjoy.

Take a look at our special offers for players, below.

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