COVID-19 Booking & Safety Measures


"Apologies that this is a bit long and 'rulesy', but it's important" - Andy Hillion, General Manager

Please read the following measures that we have taken to preserve the safety of our customers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and consider them at all times whilst on the premises.

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 12pm-3pm & 5pm-9pm

Friday-Sunday 12pm-9pm

Whilst working at a reduced capacity, we will allocate all customers a table on arrival with priority given to pre-booked and safely distanced tables.  Although we will be accepting walk-ins where possible, entry is not guaranteed without a confirmed booking.  You may be asked to wait at the front of the premises whilst a table is cleaned & prepared.

Pre-booked tables will be held for 15 minutes from the time of booking and then may be released.

You will receive a minimum of two hours at your table, but then may be asked to vacate for the next customers.

TABLE SERVICE ONLY - please do not approach the bar and remain at your table unless using the toilets.

All payments will be taken with a card or contactless.  We will not accept cash payments.

We are required to collect customer information for everybody on the premises.  On arrival at The Brunswick, your lead party member will be asked to scan a QR code with your smart phone and answer some short questions (name, email address, telephone no).  Once logged in, this can be shown to the door person and you can gain entry.  A sheet can be completed for those without a smart phone.  Please note that if you do not submit the information, we will be unable to proceed with your booking.  Your information is 100% secure and will be held for 21 days and then destroyed as per government guidelines.

Groups (including pre-booked) will be allowed entry under the following conditions only:

  • Up to two households or bubbles on one table (Main Bar & garden) or....

  • Groups of six people from more than two households (garden only)

Please be aware that both the police and local authority have the power to intervene and disperse if they feel that distancing rules are not being adhered to.

You will see a lot of signage, one-way systems and distancing floor markings around the venue.  Please consider these as you move around the premises.

All toilets will be one-in-one-out with the exception of under 12's who must be accompanied.

Areas of pub and garden may occasionally be closed for short periods of time for essential and regular cleaning.

Please thoroughly wash your hands and/or use hand sanitise frequently.  You will find hand sanitiser stations all around the premises.


Our staff our not obliged to wear PPE, but can if they wish.  Please do not be surprised to see masks, gloves etc.  You are welcome to wear your own PPE, but could be asked to safely temporarily remove a face-covering for identification and security purposes.

We would encourage all customers to travel to The Brunswick on foot or bicycle where possible.

As much as we would love to have some live music for your enjoyment and to restart supporting the industry that we love, it is still illegal to do so.

Whilst our staff members are all trained in the new procedures, please be patient and respectful. 

Anybody not seen to be doing this will be asked to leave.

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